Day Care at Vidvattva:

At Vidvattva, Day care is open for all kids. In the afternoon wholesome meal is served and in the evening snacks are served, after lunch children are allowed to sleep or play. Unlimited access to library and to watch educational documentary.

We have various activity classes , based on the kids wise they can join in the activity.


Day Care Age group
Age : 1.6 – 3 years
Age : 4 – 10 Years.
Day care timing :
8: 30 AM to 7.30 PM – Monday to Friday
9.00 AM to 3.30 PM – Saturday
Sunday Holiday

  • Be on time to work. If delayed, your child is in safe hands.
  • Time convenience.
  • Location Advantages
  • Children are trained out of the Diaper habit.
  • Child can sleep or play when they want.
  • Separate coaching classes for kids.
  • A child is made to look fresh when parents come to pick them up.
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